Sunday, August 14, 2011


My family and I decided to pick a Saturday in August and go to Pittsburgh and see if we could see any of the filming action in progress.

We chose August 13th though to our dismay weather was calling for some rain showers in our town and we live only two hours away from Pittsburgh and feared anything that might have been filmed might be rained out but we were in luck.

We got to Pittsburgh around 12:00 found a downtown parking garage and set out on foot. Cell phones, cameras and ipods in hand and being the tech geek I am I even had my army messenger bag strapped across my shoulder with my Motorola Xoom stowed in it in case I needed another camera source. (and yes I wore my grey Batman t-shirt with the black bat scrawled across the chest and so did my son, We both blended in well, these guys couldn't be here for the Batman film right? lol)

I would also like to say that a lot of these shots and videos come to you by the great work of my wife and daughter who would automatically snap the pics as I was on a bit of a fan-boy mesmerized stupor by the scope of what I was able to see, lol.

Lunchtime for the crew and the vehicles were parked.
Safety first! This guy checked the Tumblers tire pressure.

The dining facility for the production crew w/ air conditioning!

Everyone in Pittsburgh has become a Batman fan!


  1. Pretty cool. One of my regrets is that I never made it downtown Chicago when Nolan and co. were in town filming Batman Begins or The Dark Knight

  2. I know what you mean, I live in Ohio and a trip to Chicago to catch some filming was very doable.

    I said to my kids on the way back home afterward, "you know we might not have been able to be an extra in the movie but actually seeing it being filmed, they only film each movie only once and to see that happen is something we'll never forget and make watching the movie a much more personable event."

    Thanks Brendan for checking out the site and posting a comment, I appreciate that. :)

  3. your welcome for getting such good pics, dad ;b i'm just a good photographer, i guess ;D

  4. Thank you for your help and yes you are, you're a great photographer. :)